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My Services
Prenatal Meetings

Wondering how you'll get through labor, even after reading books and taking classes? Never fear, your doula is here! We will meet before your wee one arrives to plan how our team will best work together to ensure that you feel confident and cared for when the time comes, and are also ready to care for your new babe once they have arrived earthside.

The Birth Day!


When the time comes, I will be by your side throughout your labor and delivery. I will arrive with my bag of tricks and stay on through your labor...no shift work here. I am there for every moment, offering emotional and physical support to you and your family. Afterward, I'll be sure baby is feeding, parents have questions answered, and everyone is ready for a nice long nap!

Postpartum Visits


You won't be alone after your little one arrives...a birth package includes postpartum support, so I can check in and see how things are going... everything from breast/chestfeeding guidance to being on the lookout for PMAD symptoms. I am also a postpartum doula, however, and can be your Gal Friday for as long as you need after you get home, in whatever capacity works best for you...sort of like a new family's fairy godmother.

Lactation Support from a CLE

Feeling a little nervous about feeding that new baby? You're not alone! Yes, nursing is natural...and it takes some learning for everyone involved. We will begin with education, support, and guidance before your little one arrives to give you both a head start. I'll be there with more support and guidance in the first few hours, days, and weeks...and I'm just a phone call (or text!) away any time you have a question or concern. Bottle feeding? Pumping? Tandem nursing? I'm here, and we can figure it out!

Sibling Adjustment

Are you adding a new baby to the family, and worried about how your older babies might feel? With a background in Human Development, many years in Early Childhood Education, and three kids of my own, I'd love to work with you to bring sibling harmony to your growing family. it won't always be simple, but there are definitely things we can do to make the transition easier, on everyone! (Read a little bit here.) I also have experience working with neurodivergent kids and their families. 

In my doula practice,

I enjoy working with ALL kinds of families

having all kinds of births

in all kinds of situations.

EVERY birth can be a 

beautiful experience

with the right support.

Sounding good? Let's meet to talk over your ideal birth/postpartum plan. Initial consultations are always free.

What IS a doula?

What does it cost?

About me...
Jen Hamilton, certified birth and postpartum doula and certified lactation educator
Jen Hamilton


I have a BS in Human Development and discovered my passion and talent for caring for others in college. I spent several years each in the fields of medical office management and Early Childhood Education, always with an eye toward eventually working, somehow, in the field of childbirth. I love working with and supporting families. I personally had three wonderful births that were each quite different from each other. In 2016, I did my birth doula training with Big Belly Services (certificate May) and my postpartum doula training at Bastyr University (July). I am currently a certified birth doula with PALS, a certified postpartum doula with NAPS, and am working toward full-spectrum certification with Birthing Advocacy. I am also a Certified Lactation Educator (Evergreen Perinatal Education) currently working toward my IBCLC.


In the rest of my life, I am: Mama to 3 smart, funny, and interesting adult humans (girl, boy, and trans* non-binary kid); partner to a kind, gentle, brilliant husband; straight-passing queer; amateur zoo keeper (dogs, cat, chickens, snake, fish...); organic gardener; coffee, bourbon and beer snob; reader of literary fiction; karaoke dance-party starter; gourmet camper; feminist, activist, and oppressive systems dismantler; foodie; family COO/CEO/CFO; builder of both community and structures; daughter, sister, auntie, cousin, friend; lover of life; traveler; adventurer.