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What's tried and true here at wee welcome? What are the things we don't want to live without?

Extra goodies from wee welcome...to you
The Birth Photos!

I have an amazing Fuji XE-3 that is especially for my birthwork. Mirrorless, great in low light, and capable of instant transfer, you will have candids of your labor and birth (as much or as little as you want!) to send, typically before I even leave your birth! (all website photos without me in them are photos I have taken)

The Bottle Library

As a CLE (Certified Lactation Educator), I am passionate about getting babies fed, whatever that looks like. In our modern life, that often includes figuring out how bottles fit in, be they filled with breast milk or formula. Sometimes, this can be a frustrating endeavor. Bottle Library to the rescue! I have a wide array of bottles and will come with them, talk through the hows and whys of the brands and nipple flows, evaluate what feeding looks like now, and offer suggestions on moving forward with getting your little accustomed to eating from something besides the breast. Birth clients may choose this service as part of their postpartum care. Add on care for wee welcome birth clients $25/hour; clients requesting bottle feeding help only, $40/hour.

The Birth Tub

I was lucky enough to be gifted a beautiful La Bassine Maxi birthing pool that is yours for the asking if you are a wee welcome client planning a home birth OR living in a home without a bathtub. The benefits of water in labor are numerous, and especially deep water, which is precisely what you get from the Maxi pool. Pool and accoutrements are yours for the asking if you are a wee welcome birth client.

The Book Library

So very many books are just waiting for you to use them! Books on birth, labor and delivery, nursing, bonding, nurturing the family, child development, advocacy, hypnobirthing, PMADs...as a wee welcome client they are yours to borrow at any point you wish.

The Backup Collective/Recommended Doulas

Through WWD@TPP, we are so lucky to have our very own pool of doulas to back one another up should the need arise! Learn more about our doula team HERE.


I highly recommend my former backup crew and mentees for doula services, should WWD@TPP not be your cup of tea. Below, you'll find links to their information:

Caellyn Everson: www.heldinarms.com

Gwen Kiehne:  www.seattlefamilydoula.com​

Kristin Travis: www.BEarthmate.com

Vanessa Lovejoy-Guron: www.vanessalovejoyguron.com

Former Mentees/Apprentices:

Milla Blindauer

Riss Jursich

Angela Hodge: www.angelahodgebirthservices.com

Maya Hawthorn-Moch: www.fertileearthdoula.com

PRODUCTS: tested, trusted, and recommended by Jen and wee welcome clients
I *do* carry samples of these products...just ask!

Baby K'tan!

These wonderful carriers come in a variety of colors and fabrics and fit kids from 8-35 pounds...truly versatile and fantastic for parenting with both hands!

Mama Strut. A terrific post-birth product made by folks who have actually given birth, the Mama Strut takes care of everything you've never thought of when it comes to postpartum care. High tech and super cool!